sábado, 16 de abril de 2016

A Book Review by Fabia Iturburu-Ayala:The Contagious Colors of Mumpley Middle School Middle School

My daughter Fabia wrote this. She's 10 years old. I liked it. Hope you do too.


The Contagious Colors of Mumpley Middle School Middle School is a fiction book written by Fowler Dewitt and illustrated by Rodolfo Montalvo. It is about a boy named Wilmer and how he tries to solve a mystery about his classmates changing color. He tries to come up with a cure and find out what is causing the contagious colors. He has a journal where he writes in. Also, Wilmer is very smart and curious. On a scale of 1-10, 10 being the best, I rate this book an 8 3/4.

The main character is Wilmer Dooley, an 11 year old boy. Wilmer is a bright kid who loves science. He has a mom who loves to cook, a dad who is a scientist, a 7 year old brother, Sherman, that is full of energy and loves sugar. Wilmer, unlike Sherman, does not like sugar. His father has a saying that is "OBSERVE”. He says, it is what every good scientist does. Anyway, Sherman's favorite candy is SugarBUZZZZ, a type of candy. I almost forgot to mention Wilmer's 8 month old brother, Preston. Preston usually tastes Mrs. Dooley's odd foods. Wilmer also has a crush on Roxie McGhee, the star reporter of the school newspaper, Mumpley Musings. He has a best friend named Ernie Rinehart. Still though, he has an archenemy, Claudius Dill. Once when Wilmer saved the class hamster Claudius took all the credit. Claudius's father, Dr. Fernando Dill has MD, PhD, AOCN, AARCF, BVMS, CHES, CST, DCP, DPH, DMS, and about 126 more degrees that went down the alphabet. Wilmer is also writing a history paper on medieval diseases. I think it is hard to be Wilmer because he has 2 younger brothers and having such a mean kid in his class.

Now that we discussed Wilmer, it’s time to talk about the contagious colors. It turns out that all the kids that get the colors have a lot of energy. But then they start to get sick and stop running around. Wilmer comes up with a cure called The Dooley Dose until it goes missing. He suspects Claudius. But Claudius came up with his own medicine that made people get worse. Claudius's medicine turned out to be SugarBUZZZZ, which is what made the whole thing start. If you ask me, Claudius seems like a horrible, sneaky, lair!!!!!!!!!

It turns out that everybody wanted a refund for the Claudius Cure. And Claudius did steal the Dooley Dose from Wilmer's backpack. Then Ernie, Roxie, and Wilmer told on the announcements that the Claudius Cure was fake and The Dooley Dose worked. At the end, Claudius and Wilmer were friends. They learned they have something in common. The ending was okay, I think.

I rate the plot on an 8 scale of 1-10. The ending a 7 5/8, and how its organized 7 3/4. It contains 261 pages so it could take a week or two to read it. Or half a month. It has about 12 pictures. If you try to read it all in one day I recommend a 10-20 minute break every time you get to picture or you might just get a headache! So if you like science I highly recommend this book

Fabia Iturburu-Ayala